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Xenion Education has been operating in the district of Famagusta since 1980.

For four decades, we have offer high quality education through Xenion Institute, Xenion High School, Xenion Junior School, Xenion Preschool, Xenion Unistudies Services, Xenion Summer Fun Club for young children, The Cyprus School of English and Xenion Boarding School for international students.

Through the inspiring and systematic work done at Xenion Education, our goals are fully realised and that is why we feel great satisfaction and pride. Our successes, at all levels, have ranked XENION EDUCATION among the best educational institutions in Cyprus.




Xenion High School is located in Paralimni and is the only Private Secondary School in the District of Famagusta. The school is bilingual(Greek and English) and gives students all the necessary qualifications to study at the university of their choice. In addition, it is the school's principle that students do not need additional tutoring, as long as all the preparation and guidance is done within the school through our successful bilingual syllabus.


our goals

➤ Integrated cognitive development

➤ The creation of citizens with morals and a high sense of responsibility and respect

➤ The strengthening of historical identity and universal values

➤ The education and development of strong personalities



The bilingual curriculum of Xenion High School is based on the excellent combination of the educational systems of Cyprus and Great Britain. English and Mathematics, two basic subjects, are taught in streaming, that is, in separate classes, based on student performance.

In the first three years of school, the curriculum is bilingual and common to all students. In Year 3, students are informed about their first options. The subjects are divided into Compulsory and Optional. For the next 2 years, in Years 4 and 5, students prepare and take the first external IGCSE exams in all subjects.

In Years 6 and 7, our students take the A LEVEL exams. Those who wish to study at universities in the USA, Germany and other countries, also prepare for the SAT, TOEFL, DAF, DSH, DELF exams. Students are able to secure places in top universities around the world due to their excellent results in the international external exams along with the recognized School Apolyterion.

Those students who wish to apply for a place in the universities of Cyprus and Greece, are fully prepared for the Pancyprian Examinations in the last two years of school. We are proud of our successful results and admission of students to higher educational institutions in Cyprus and Greece!



we care for each student individually

At Xenion High School we implement a successful student support system, based on 5 axes:

➤ Social support and prosperity

➤ Respect for the principles that govern society

➤ Discipline

➤ Academic progress

➤ Personalized help for subject options and career guidance

The above axes are implemented, with the involvement of the School Management, the Head of Year, the Careers Counsellor and the Social Studies lesson, which is taught throughout the years of school. We constantly dedicate time to each of our students individually. We firmly believe that the continuous and substantial communication we have with students and their parents, leads to the creation of a dynamic relationship, which in turn leads to a successful future.


educational excellence

The high-quality education provided by Xenion High School is proven by the countless Awards and Distinctions in Exams, Olympiads and Competitions. Since the school was founded, we have received rave reviews for the excellent performance of our students in the Cambridge and Edexcel international exams, while our graduates study at the best universities in the world.



extracurricular activities

As part of the multifacited activities of Xenion High School, our students participate in various after-school clubs. These activities have been operating since the school was founded and today there are more than 30 clubs. The clubs programme is of great advantage to the school programme, and it is very popular among the students. During the club hours, our students are creatively engaged in the arts (theatre, music, dance, visual arts), sports, robotics, computers, literature, journalism, as well as with social awareness, charity, and entertainment activities (photography, cinema, chess). In all our extracurricular activities, knowledge is enhanced, and the development of skills is encouraged through teamwork, volunteering and active participation.

Students are also guided and prepared to participate in local, European, and international educational programmes. In this way, teaching time is not wasted and our students benefit from their active involvement, in order to become more creative, autonomous and active.


participation in local, european & international educational programmes

• European Youth Parliament (EYP)

• Erasmus +

• Twinning Student Exchange Programme

• Mediterranean Model United Nations(MEDI.M.U.N.)

• Cyprus Friendship Programme

• Benjamin Transatlantic Fellows Programme

• Duke of Edinburgh

• Pupils in Research - MERA

• Children's Parliament

• Youth Parliament

• Junior Achievement Cyprus




admission to universities

of Cyprus and Greece

Our students, who chose to take part in the Pancyprian Examinations for admission to universities in Cyprus or Greece, managed to secure a place in the university of their first choice! Our graduates have studied or are studying in the following fields: Medicine, Pharmacy, Polytechnic, Law, Economics, Pedagogy, Philology, Theology, Theatrical Studies, Music and others.




admission to foreign universities

Our graduates have achieved 100% success in their admission to leading universities in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Europe, USA and many more countries around the world. We are proud, as our graduates have secured a place to study at the university of their first choice without undertaking a foundation year. They already excel in the professional field of their choice (Medicine, Law, Engineering, Education, Arts, Economics and more). All applications and procedures for universities are made by Xenion Unistudies Services.

“Parents who entrust us with their children's education are rewarded.”


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