The school year is divided into two terms. At the end of each, pupils have to sit exams in all subjects. Progress reports are then given to parents to inform them of their children's efforts and achievements.

'Student Profiles' for each subject are given to parents in mid-November and mid-March. These report on pupils’ progress, participation and behaviour. If or when a serious problem arises, the parents of the student(s) involved are informed immediately.

Parents' meetings are arranged to discuss in greater detail how students are progressing. These take place in mid – term.

Meetings of students with their Head of Year are also held throughout the semester. Heads of Year act as mentors to the students, offering advice and encouragement and acting as problem solver when the need arises, they ensure a high standard of physical and emotional care for all students in their year groups, they monitor and review the progress of students regularly, including reading and checking of profiles, and discussing profiles and grades with the students.

We also have specific Visiting Hours throughout the year, when parents can see their children’s teachers. Teachers assess students' work in each subject area on a regular basis. Assessment is based on achievement in written tests, class participation, practical exercises, general effort and homework.

The aim is to encourage continual improvement. Other important factors taken into consideration when assessing pupils are: taking initiative in school and out-of-school activities and participation and interest in public affairs. These activities are encouraged, supported and assisted by teachers.


Final Grade

The final grade for any year is the average of the two semesters. For each semester, the term grade counts for 75% and the term exam for 25%.


 The Grading System

Student assessment grades range from 1-100

Grade (%) Performance

97-100 Outstanding performance

92.50-96.99 Excellent performance

80-92.49 Very Good performance

70-79.99 Good performance

63-69.99 Satisfactory performance

58-62.99 Weak performance



Students failing to pass their exams in June are required to re-take them in August. They will move up to the next year only if they achieve satisfactory results (at least 58/100).

Students in the first three years will have to repeat a year if they fail in two main subjects (English, Maths, Greek) or four minor subjects or in a combination of one main subject and two minor subjects.


Upon graduation our students receive an “Apolyterion”, school leaving certificate which is recognised by the Ministry of Education as “in correspondence and equivalent” with the Apolyterion of state schools.


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