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Is Xenion High School a ‘proper’ school?

Yes, Xenion is fully licenced and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The school is regularly inspected and is recognised as a centre of excellence. The school is also a registered examination centre for the Cambridge, Edexcel, British Council and LCCI examination boards.

When should I register my child for Xenion High School?

Prospective students should be registered for the entrance exam in the first three months of the year in which they wish to join. For example, a student intending to join the High School in September 2018 should be registered by March of that year at the latest. The opening of Registrations is publicised locally and on this website.

Is there an entrance exam for Xenion High School?

Yes, prospective pupils are tested in language, mathematical and reasoning skills.

What is the content of the entrance exam?

There are four sections in the entrance exam: English language, Greek language, Mathematics and Non-verbal Reasoning.

Where and when is the Year One entry exam?

The exam is held at Xenion High School in spring of the year of entrance, usually in early April.

How secure is the exam?

Candidates are assigned a personal number and this all that appears on their papers. Markers have no indication of the identity of candidates and all exam papers are kept in the school’s safe both before and after the exam.

How soon after the exam do students get their results?

Entrance exams are marked the same day as they are taken and results are published on the school’s website – listed by candidate number only to preserve anonymity. Parents of successful candidates are also notified by telephone that day.

Can a student enter other years of the School?

Yes, students are welcome to enter whichever year is appropriate to their age.

What are the entry procedures for students into Years 2 to 7?

In addition to completing the normal application process, students will take the same four tests as for Year 1 entrants, but these will be set at the level appropriate to the year they wish to enter.

Can my child join part-way through the academic year?

Yes, students can be accepted after the year has begun, provided they pass the entrance requirements.

What happens if my child does not pass part of the entrance exam?

Extra lessons will be offered during the summer before entrance to improve their skills in that area.

If my child’s first language is not English or Greek, what exam will he/she take to enter Year 1?

They will sit the same exam but their lack of English or Greek will be taken into consideration. Normally, lessons in these languages would be recommended.

What material will the language tests include?

The English and Greek tests contain a reading comprehension section, multiple-choice questions on grammar and vocabulary and a brief essay question, all set at the level appropriate to a child in their last year of Primary School.

Is there material available to help pupils to prepare for entry?

Yes, prospective candidates are given a booklet containing examples of all four exam sections to help them prepare.

What is the Non-verbal Reasoning (NVR) test?

It is a series of puzzles designed to test visual, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Is there a minimum score in the Entrance Examinations that a candidate needs to attain for acceptance?

Yes, but individual circumstances, for example any learning difficulties, will be taken into consideration.

Are there age restrictions?

Yes, candidates must have completed Primary School in their year of entrance.

What are the annual fees?

These vary from year to year but are always competitive. Full details of fees for the coming academic year can be found on the ‘Fees’ page of this website.

Is financial assistance with the fees available?

Reduced fees are offered to the top three candidates in the entrance exam. Further ‘Scholarships of Excellence’ are given to students who, in their previous academic year, have maintained a grade average of 97% and taken an active part in extra-curricular activities.

Is the School affiliated to any other school, and does it offer primary education?

Xenion High School is completely independent and is part of Xenion Education. It does, however, have its own Primary School and Reception Class. Further details of these can be found on this website or by contacting the school.

What qualifications does Xenion High School offer?

Students at Xenion take International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations in their fourth and fifth years. They sit the International A Levels in years five and six. These are recognized and accepted by all universities in the UK and by many in other countries. Each student is also awarded the Cypriot ‘Apolytirion’, required for entry to Greek and Cypriot universities.

Does the school help students to get into university?

Yes, we have a dedicated ‘Unistudies Services’ office, which assists students with every aspect of the university application process, from UCAS forms to finding accommodation. Full details are available on this website. As part of our service we hold Open Days, to which British universities send representatives and also have guest speakers from universities in the UK and elsewhere.

Which universities can my child get into with qualifications from Xenion High School?

Xenion alumni are currently at many of the top universities in the UK, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Imperial College, King’s College London and the London School of Economics. We also have former students studying in the US and throughout Europe.

What Pastoral Care does the school offer?

Students are divided into forms and their first point of contact is their form tutor. Each year group also has an experienced teacher as ‘Head of Year’, who is responsible for the welfare of students in that year group. Beyond that are the Assistants to the Director, who can deal with more serious problems. At every stage, students have a number of staff charged with their well-being and success and all are committed to supporting students in any difficulties they may face. Our approach to supporting students is based on teamwork and effective communication with parents.


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