Graduates of Xenion High School obtain:

‣ An Apolyterion (School Leaving Certificate, which is recognised by the Ministry of Education and Culture)

‣ Eight IGCSEs

‣ Four to six A Levels

‣ ICT Literacy Certificate

‣ A second foreign language certificate (German, Russian or French)

‣ International awards, e.g. Duke of Edinburgh

‣ Participation award for international or national programmes like EYP, Medi.M.U.N.

‣ Certificate of “Very Good Knowledge of the Greek Language”.


The Xenion Trophy:

This prize, in the form of a shield, was established in honour of Mr. Georgios A. Zouvanis; father of Mrs. Katelitsa Phylactou, the founder of Xenion High School.

The prize is awarded to the graduate who has achieved the highest grade average throughout their studies at Xenion. The winning student’s name is inscribed on the shield, which is kept on display in the school, and the student receives a small replica of the trophy.

The silver shield was donated to the school by Mr. Georgios A. Zouvanis.


Academic Excellence:

Some of our recent Cambridge International Examinations Award winners. Xenion Students consistently perform at very high levels in these and other international exams. We are very proud of our students’ excellent academic results.

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