About Us

Xenion High School was set up in order to satisfy the needs and fulfil the expectations of both parents and pupils for quality education, offering an alternative to State Education for pupils in the Famagusta area. Students will attend the school for seven years and will be enrolled provided that they have been successful in the entrance examinations, which are organised according to the specifications of the Ministry of Education.

English is taught to a much higher level than at State Schools. The unique combination of Greek and English curricula offers a greater spectrum of options. Our students can be prepared for universities in Cyprus and Greece as well as universities in European countries and America. 

The beliefs and aims of Xenion High School are summed up in the promotion, through education, of the values and characteristics that should distinguish the new European citizen. Our graduates, being aware of the new realities and having experienced the electronic revolution and accepted new values, will be able to travel, communicate and work, respecting the significance of European culture without losing their own national identity