Student Representatives

Student Representatives

Each year, elections are held to choose officers of the Student Council and form class representatives. Each form class elects a President, Vice-President and Treasurer, who are responsible for organizing class events and representing the views of their classmates to both management and the Central Student Council.

The Central Student Council is elected by the whole school and consists of a President, Vice-President, Events Officer and Treasurer, all of whom are senior school students. A Lower School Representative is also elected. All Class Presidents are also members of the Central Student Council. The Student Council is active in organizing fund-raising events for charity. It also runs social events and special, themed days at school. Election is by secret ballot.

Xenion High School Student Council 2019-2020

President / VC: Petros Kitazos, Y7
President / VC: Claire Tsiolaki Y7
Secretary: Kay Christofi Y7
Treasurers: Eleni Pyrilli Y6, Chris Theofanous Y7
Events Officers: Lia Kitazou Y6, Layan Zentani Y6
Year 6 Representative: Andreas Alexandrou
Year 5 Representative: Moulazimis Anastasis
Year 4 Representative: Anna Maria Paraschiv
Year 3 Representatives: Panayiotis Hadjizacharias, Athena Nikolettou
Year 2 Representative: Εleni Charalambous
Year 1 Representative: Solomos Economides

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