Our mission

Our mission

Educational aims

‣ To provide an alternative to state education in Cyprus
‣ To equip students with the necessary practical knowledge and skills that will prepare
young people for their future studies and careers
‣ To create fluency in English, as well as in Greek and other European languages
‣ To develop the skills and judgement necessary to make productive use of technology
‣ To prepare students, for entry to universities in Greece and Cyprus, as well as in Europe and America


The development of Global Citizens

‣ Students are encouraged to know about the people of Europe and the World, not only through language but also through the study of European cultures and history.
‣ We foster understanding and respect for other nations by teaching students about the characteristics we all share and by encouraging them to value cultural and social differences. 
‣ We make students aware of the cultural ties and values that unite Europe and the world.
‣ We develop students’ awareness of the environment and the need for its conservation.


The strengthening of values

Our educational methods aim to create:

1. Citizens who think rationally and do not take things for granted.
2. Citizens who have the vision and the initiative to realise their ambitions.
3. Citizens with understanding and social behavior. 
4. Citizens with a strong sense of justice, fair-mindedness and responsibility.
5. Citizens who are tolerant and open-minded. 
6. Citizens with universal values. 


The development of personality

Our personal approach and all-round education aims to develop well-formed personalities rather than just academics. Students are encouraged to thrive on knowledge and enjoy learning; to become confident and able to deal with any challenge in life.

Our way of teaching promotes not only academic growth but also emotional, spiritual and aesthetic development. Our over-reaching aim is to encourage our students to become active and positive members of society.

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