Raising & Giving

Raising & Giving

At Xenion, we encourage our students to develop a sense of community and wider responsibility. In other words, we aim to develop active citizens rather than just successful academics. Our students are involved in supporting various good causes.

Under the umbrella of Raising and Giving (RAG), Xenion students are involved in a number of fund-raising activities each year. These include donations to the Radiomarathon to the Make A Wish foundation for very sick children, the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF). As well as this, Xenion students are active members of the Young Volunteers.

Young Volunteers is a Pancyprian organisation of school students who form a network of workers for good causes. They work not only to raise money for good causes but also to raise awareness of some of the problems facing children in this country and abroad. Recently, the Xenion Young Volunteers raised several hundred euros for charities dedicated to the treatment and eradication of Malaria. They also put together an informative presentation, which they showed to the whole school.

The Red Cross Club raises money to support such efforts as Emergency Relief and undertakes voluntary social work in the local community whenever needed.

Our biggest charity event held in our school is our Hairstyling Charity Event. Our students' initiative to collectively shave their heads was a spontaneous gesture of support for a fellow student who was diagnosed with cancer and it moved not just the microcosm of our school community, but also the general public. From that moment on, our hairstyling event became an annual commitment for a very special cause.

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