The dates for the academic year 2021-2022 are 30th August 2021 – 30th June 2022 (44 weeks).

Only High School students, generally of ages 12-18.

Full Boarding fees are 23,000 euros per year and include: day school tuition fees, books, transportation, extra-curricular activities, immigration arrangement, medical insurance.

Individual lessons, external examinations, add-on clubs, school uniform, visa deposit are not included.

More information:  Xenion Boarding Fees 2023-2024 (English)

Xenion Boarding Fees 2023-2024 (Russian)

Xenion Boarding Fees 2023-2024 (Ukrainian)

We fully undertake the student visa for our students. We first need a series of documents which you can find here: Checklist of visa documents for students. An important advantage is: Boarding students who stay for at least 2 years in Cyprus get a student visa and can apply for a long-term residence visa and then they have the chance to apply at any EU University with home fees instead of international fees.

More information here: Be a boarder

Yes, they can choose between the Full Boarding and Flexi Boarding options.

More information: Boarding Options

The Boarding House has 36 ensuite single or shared rooms, including rooms specially designed for disabled residents, a fully furnished and equipped TV room/common room, a library, study room and a dining area. The extensive kitchen area is fully equipped, with plenty of storage cabinets as well as multiple refrigerators and cooking units and features its own breakfast/dining island. Other facilities include a laundry room with washing machines and tumble dryers and a dedicated storage room for residents.

There is also state-of-the-art Wi-Fi coverage in all areas and outstanding recreational and sports facilities available all year round. These include a large private swimming pool, gym, tennis court and basketball and volleyball courts. There is also a comfortable covered area in the garden, where guests can relax out of the sun. For the safety and security of our guests, access is to this exclusive, fully gated residence is limited to one entrance only and there is both a fully-staffed Reception area with guard and a night guard.

More information: Accommodation & Facilities

The Boarding House is on campus, right opposite the school, only a 3 minute-walk away.

Campus map and Boarding House location: Campus map

The House parents live at the Boarding House along with Boarders and they are the primary caretakers of Boarding students in the evenings and on weekends. They fully support and supervise the students at all times.

The school restaurant provides an impressive variety of menu items to boarding students for all three meals.

Breakfast is served at 07:00 and always includes options such as pies, cereal, oatmeal and fruit and well as hot items such as eggs and toast. School starts at 07:30.

Lunch is served at 14:00 right after school and is a great opportunity for students to interact, and always includes a salad, fruit and yoghurt in addition to the rotating menu items. Menu items always include rice as well as vegetarian and soup options. Dinner is served at 19:00.

Students receive the monthly menu at the end of the previous month and state in advance any requests for alternative meals. All meals are served in the Boarding House in the common dining room by the House parents.

More information in the Boarding House Handbook, which is given to Boarding Students upon registration.

Students have their own room and bathroom, which offers ample storage for student possessions and comes furnished with a bed, desk, wardrobe, air-conditioning, network port.

More information: Boarding School Fees

Three students share one apartment with common living room, kitchen and veranda, with separate bedrooms and bathrooms.

Washing and drying machines are available in the laundry room for student use. Students can register with a laundry service free of charge to the Matron, who can prepare washing, drying and ironing for them.

Students are responsible for keeping their room clean and neat at all times. House parents check rooms during the day. All bathrooms must also be kept clean. All rooms are cleaned, and linen is changed every 3 days by Boarding House cleaners.

Boarders are very welcome to leave the Βoarding House at the weekend, either with parents, relatives or friends. It is essential that we know where boarders are, with whom and what they are is doing at all times as the school sponsors their visas and we are responsible for them whilst they are in Cyprus. It is the parents’ and boarders’ duty to make sure that House parents are notified in advance of their plans for the weekend.

It is possible for Boarding students to stay at the Boarding House during the holidays at an extra monthly cost.

The Boarding House has a storage room for this purpose, where students can store their things upon departure. All rooms are emptied upon their departure in the summer.

More information: Admission Steps

Xenion Boarding School offers a variety of sports and extra-curricular activities and excursions throughout the whole time.

More information: Boarding School Activities

We organise a range of activities including trips to waterparks, bowling and visiting local heritage sites. The evening routine on weekend changes according to the planned activity.

Yes. Students need to purchase their uniform before the academic year starts. The academic year starts in September and ends in June.

More information in the Boarding House Handbook, which is given to Boarding students upon registration.

Travel arrangements to and from the airport are the parents and boarders’ responsibility. However, the school may arrange a transfer provided that House parents are notified 3 days in advance.

If a boarder feels unwell, they should inform the house parents or the member of staff on duty as soon as possible.

All medication must be given to the house staff to be kept in a secure location. It is imperative that boarders do not self-medicate.

The house staff can provide boarders with basic medications for coughs, colds and small cuts but for more serious illness, boarders will be taken to the doctor. There is a School doctor, who is on call 24/7.

If a student needs to go to hospital in an emergency, we will take them immediately in an ambulance or a taxi (frequently faster). The House parents will contact parents at the first opportunity.

Boarders can deposit cash in the House bank. We recommend boarders bring up to €500 in pocket money per semester, which can be used for uniform or stationary or their own needs. The money will be kept in individualised envelopes in a safe in the House office. In addition, a record of deposits and withdrawals will be kept. It is recommended that you do not send boarders with large denomination notes but instead break money down into €20 and €50.

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