About Us

About Us

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your families into the boarding community at Xenion. Whether you are a returning boarder, or whether this is your first experience of being away from home, we are, most definitely, all in this together. Family support is as important in this way of life as the School itself.

Xenion is currently the largest school in Cyprus to offer boarding. Xenion Boarding House, opening in September 2020, is offering boarding accommodation to boys and girls from different countries from all over the world. At Xenion, we have a growing community of boy and girl boarders.

Living away from home is not always easy and this is understood by the resident staff who have plenty of experience of boarding; our aim is to make sure that our boarders are always happy in their life at school and in the boarding house. There is always someone available to ask for help or advice and boarders should understand that they can chat to resident staff, non-resident staff and fellow boarders at any time.

Xenion Boarding House is purpose-built boarding accommodation and offers a mixture of full, weekly and flexible boarding options to suit both boarder and parents.

Boarding offers an excellent opportunity to get the very best from school life. We are fortunate to have non-resident teaching staff who visit the boarding house on weekday evenings to assist with activities like craft, baking, quizzes, music and sport and who can offer academic support.

Weekend activities range from trips to waterparks to cultural visits and our weekend activities are a highlight for the boarders.


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Xenion Boarding School Booklet (English)

Xenion Boarding School Booklet (Russian)

Xenion Boarding School Booklet (Ukrainian)

Xenion Boarding School Fees (English)

Xenion Boarding School Fees (Russian)

Xenion Boarding School Fees (Ukrainian)


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