Why choose Xenion Boarding School? 10 REASONS!

Why XBS - 10 Reasons

Why choose Xenion Boarding School



  1. Student Visa & Home fees. Boarding students who stay for at least 2 years in Cyprus get a student visa and can apply for a long-term residence visa and apply at any EU University with home fees instead of international fees. Find out more information here: https://www.xenion.ac.cy/en/boarding-school/news-events/our-news/be-a-boarder
  2. Quality of Living & Weather. Cyprus is cheaper than many other countries with high quality of living and fantastic weather all year round!
  3. Academic Achievement. We have been awarded as a TOP School in Cyprus by the British Council and our results speak for themselves!
  4. High Level of English. Our students obtain a very high level of English and are ready to interact successfully in any English-speaking environment.
  5. Graduation. Upon graduation, students receive A Levels and Cypriot Apolyterion (School Leaving Certificate) which is recognised by the Ministry of Education and Culture and all universities worldwide.
  6. Admission to university. Our students are admitted in TOP UK, European, US and universities in various countries around the world.
  7. International participation. Participation awards for international, national and European programmes and competitions like EYP, Medi.M.U.N.
  8. Safety & Pastoral care. Our Boarding students reside in a comfortable, friendly and safe environment. Our House Parents provide pastoral care and supervision 24 hours per day.
  9. International community. Our Boarding students are part of a huge international community which helps them interact with people of different cultures and practice their English all day!
  10. Extra-curricular. Beyond the classroom, Xenion Boarding School offers an extensive range of extra-curricular activities that a day school simply cannot match, and which are right on the students’ doorstep!
Why choose Xenion Boarding School
Why choose Xenion Boarding School