Message from the Director

Message from the Director

As the director of Xenion Boarding School, it is my distinct pleasure to address this publication.

Living on campus is a wonderful experience indeed. This new home is a diverse living environment offering many opportunities for personal growth which is based on converting routine into bright organized lifetime. Xenion Boarding School is a wonderful place to interact with people of different backgrounds and philosophies, all pursuing the same goal: education. We focus strongly on social experience and the success of our students.

Xenion Boarding School is the milestone, the new place to explore, the place full of new experiences, adventures, friendships, laughter, sharing, and unforgettable moments. It is a world of all possibilities, in which everything revolves around oneself and others; a world where children learn to trust in themselves and in others; a world in which they learn core values that will help them grow and develop throughout their lives.

Throughout their stay in our Boarding School, we will stand by your child, guide them, hold their hand; we will look after them to make them feel comfortable in a safe and secure environment: we make sure your child is happy to be there and is making the most of this wonderful experience!

Your child deserves the best. You can count on us.

Marios Phylactou Director | Xenion Boarding School