There are plenty of activities offered at Xenion High School and the Boarding House. As a result, Boarders truly do have the best of both worlds. Whilst they can enjoy the great range of activities provided by the School, the Boarding House also offers an extensive activity package that Boarders can take advantage of during the week and at the weekend.

Each evening from 19:30-20:30 there is always a Boarding activity provided which the students can opt to participate in. These activities range from using the School site for weekly sports (futsal, basketball, volleyball, tennis) to the Xenion Boarding House swimming pool for sports such as swimming and water polo.

Our aim is to provide students with different interests, varying activities in which to participate. Hiking in the mountains and distance running, sports competitions, fitness and dance sessions, chess nights, cinema nights, road and boat trips, cultural events are only a few of the weekday and weekend activities offered to our Boarding students. Our students have the chance to participate in truly outstanding, memory-making experiences.


Activities offered at Xenion Boarding School:




Beach Activities

Boat Trip

Bubble Football

Mini golf

Paddle Boarding



Go Karting


Horse riding

Rock Climbing


Camel Park


Cooking Lesson

Hiking & Distance running


Survival Training


Escape Room


Sea Canoeing


Fitness & Dance