Be a boarder

Be a boarder

РусскийВозможности студентов школы-пансионата

УкраїнськийМожливості студентів школи-пансіонату

Boarding opportunities

Boarding students who stay for at least 2 years in Cyprus get a student visa and can apply for a long-term residence visa.


- apply at any EU University with home fees instead of international fees

- high level of English

- personal care and attention

- international community

- admission to TOP European Universities


Xenion High School students obtain upon graduating::

- Apolyterion (School Leaving Certificate), recognised by the Ministry of Education and Culture and globally

- 4 - 6 A΄ Levels, 8 IGSCEs, IELTS

- Second foreign language certificate

- ICT Literacy Certificate

- Participation awards for international, national and European programmes and competitions like EYP, Medi.M.U.N.

All the information in PDF: Boarding visa

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