1st year at Xenion Boarding School - Tran Trung Thanh

  1. How do you feel after one year at Xenion Boarding School?


I feel great after one year! Cyprus is a very good country to live, very safe, very good for me.


  1. How easy was it for you to adapt to the school environment here at Xenion High School and how different is it compared to your previous school?


Actually, it was not very easy for me at the beginning, because when I was in Vietnam, I was only studying in Vietnamese. I had English lessons but not everything was in English. But I get used to English and the lessons here very quick. My friends and my teachers helped me a lot.


  1. How different did you find Cyprus and its people compared to your country?


I think that people in Cyprus are generally more polite and they care more about each other. They are also more responsible towards the environment. They don’t throw trash out on the street. In Vietnam, some people don’t care at all about the environment. I hate this. So, I really appreciate the way people treat the environment here.


  1. What do you like the most here at the school?


Generally, I like my friends and how the teachers teach us and they help us every time we need help. They are very helpful, and I appreciate this very much. In Vietnam, teachers are not like this.


  1. Are you happy with your accommodation at the new Xenion Boarding House?


The Boarding House is fantastic and very close to the school. I really enjoy it staying there!


  1. Would you recommend Xenion Boarding School to your friends in your country and why?


I have already introduced the school to all of my friends in Vietnam. They do not know a lot about Cyprus, but I already told them everything about Cyprus, about the culture, the people, the food etc.

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