1st year at Xenion Boarding School - Semen Gritsenko

  1. How do you feel after one year at Xenion Boarding School?


I would say that it was an excellent year. I really liked it and everyone around me can see my improvement. My English has improved a lot. I really like the school system here in comparison with the Russian system. Here it is much better than in Russia, because here you have many different possibilities. Here you study well, there is discipline, but you also have fun. It is a really great experience and I will continue to study in this school.


  1. How easy was it for you to adapt to the school environment here at Xenion High School and how different is it compared to your previous school?


At the beginning, the language barrier was a problem for me because I could not understand a lot during the first weeks during the lessons. I had to analyse all the information I was receiving daily in order to understand it and remember it. However, after one month, it suddenly felt easy. I made friends and then I felt very comfortable. In Russia, you cannot make friends so easy. But here, you can make friends really easy because everyone is friendly and the environment is peaceful.


  1. What do you like the most here at the school?


What I like the most here, are the opportunities the school can give me. After I finish school, I can go to any country I want to study. I think that Xenion gives me very strong boost.


  1. Are you happy with your accommodation at the new Xenion Boarding House?


Xenion Boarding House is a gorgeous place. Our apartments are fantastic. I am really happy and I enjoy it having the chance to live there.


  1. Would you recommend Xenion Boarding School to your friends in your country and why?


I would surely recommend Xenion Boarding School and High School to my friends in Russia, because as I already said, this school can give us opportunities, the Russian education system cannot give us. Here you have many possibilities and many options. For example, in Russia we are forced to attend lessons we do not like, or we do not want to study. Here I can choose the subjects I want; education is more flexible, and you enjoy more what you do. You understand everything more deeply and teachers pay individual attention to you. If you have any problems, teachers help you straight away.


Читайте интервью на русском: 1й курс школы-пансионата Xenion - Семен Гриценко

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