Teaching Methods

Teaching Methods

Learning and teaching at Xenion Junior School are rooted in experiential learning. Students are encouraged to experiment through carefully monitored play and independent discovery and all intelligences, including kinaesthetic, spatial and emotional, are developed.

There is a hands-on approach to all lessons which helps the students to become confident learners, less likely to rely on ‘spoon-feeding’ by the teacher.

Teaching at this school is firmly child-centered and we take advantage of every new and exciting pedagogical method, while always retaining foundations rooted in approaches which have withstood the test of time: we blend the best of the new with the wisdom of previous generations.

Our English teaching is fully in line with the UK system and Linguistic improvement is a major aim of our curriculum: it is developed every day in both oral and written work. 

We also focus on the improvement of mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding; developing this through practical work, mental maths and more formal, written exercises.

All aspects of the curriculum are approached with equal care and attention to children’s needs, allowing each pupil to express themselves creatively, intellectually and emotionally while developing their talents across the board.

Limited class sizes ensure that each child is given the attention they need to do well and student assessment is formative; designed to support and encourage improvement rather than merely generate grades at the end of the school year.

Children are not only grouped by age; we also take into account individual abilities, so that our flexible and responsive teaching can enable every child to fulfill their potential.