Message from the Director

The near-universal use of information technology; the continual migration and movement of people; multiculturalism and multilingualism are some of the factors that have contributed to the creation of a ‘world culture’. In this day and age, schools are responsible for equipping students with the tools they will need to ensure a secure future for themselves and for their community.

As well as passing on the knowledge, moral values and sound principles that have always been at the heart of good education, we now need to teach more skills, and higher level skills, than ever before. In order to do this we must re-examine the role and purpose of schools in Cypriot society, which means a re-evaluation of the curriculum at all levels of education. New times demand new thinking and at Xenion Education we are very aware of this and are ready to meet the challenge.

Xenion Junior School is a dedicated Preschool and Junior School, established with great care and attention to detail to serve both the needs of students in the Famagusta area and those of international students. For more than four decades, we at Xenion have been delivering world-class education through our language institutes and our flagship secondary school, Xenion High School. During those years we have become aware of an increasing demand for an alternative to state primary schools, based on a growing public awareness of the need for a more European dimension in Cypriot primary education.

We have been carefully gathering knowledge and experience of how best to deliver the highest standard of education for students aged four to twelve. We have also spent time building a team of experienced, fully-qualified educators and administrators who can realise our vision of a primary education for the twenty-first century yet rooted in the best traditions of teaching and learning. Graduates of Xenion Junior School will be ready to move on to secondary education anywhere of their parents’ choosing, whether at an international school in another country or here, in Cyprus. Wherever their future lies, they will be well-equipped to take on any challenge as they build their future and that of their homeland.

Xenion Junior School has been created with the future in mind and with a passion for excellence.

Kind Regards,

Xenia Phylactou-Monoyiou

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