School Events

We celebrate all major national and international holidays, festivals and events within the timetable. Groups of students are encouraged to work together to create presentations on a wide range of subjects. We take part in a variety of national and international events and competitions organized by both the Ministry of Education and European educational organisations and a number of educational school visits are arranged each year.

• Blessing at the beginning of the school year 
• Cyprus Republic Day, 1st October – School Holiday 
• United Nations Day 
• The anniversary of 28th October – School Holiday 
• Day of St. John Chrysostomos, 13th November – School Holiday 
• Condemnation of the ‘pseudo-state 
• The anniversary of the Polytechnic Students’ Uprising 
• World Declaration of Human Rights Day 
• Christmas – School closed for two weeks 
• Day of the Three Heirarchs, 30th January – School Holiday 
• Tree and Environment Week 
• Gregoris Afxentiou commemoration day 
• Green Monday – School Holiday 
• The anniversary of 25th March – School Holiday 
• The anniversary of 1st April – School Holiday 
• Easter – School closed for two weeks 
• May Day, 1st May – School Holiday 
• Cataclysmos (Pentecost) – School Holiday 
• St Barnabas Day, 11th June – School Holiday 
• End of the school year

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