Aims and Goals

Aims and Goals

Xenion Junior School aims to help our students become young people who can think rationally, who are responsible and caring, are broad-minded, tolerant and aware of justice but most of all curious and motivated to learn.

Educational aims: 
-The provision of a broad-based primary education which will prepare young students for their future studies at any school of their choice, eliminating the need for extra lessons.
-Creation of fluency in English, as well as Greek.
-Development of the ability to take full advantage of new technology and the Internet.

Development of 21st Century citizens: 
-Providing knowledge that promotes respect for the people and cultures of the world.
-Fostering understanding of similarities and acceptance of differences among people of all nations.
-Creating awareness of the cultural ties and values that unite Europe.
-Raising environmental awareness and urging students to take action and initiatives.
-Engaging in national and international educational projects.

Development of ethics and traditional values:
-Observance of all main festivals, whilst respecting all other belief systems.
-Emphasis on virtues of honesty, responsibility and co-operation.
-Highlighting of the value of family, nation and international community.

Development of personality:
-Emphasis on the need for co-operation and teamwork.
-Encouragement of creative and original thinking.
-Building of confidence and self-esteem.
-Creation of a sense of belonging and worth.
-Creation of a positive attitude towards learning.
-Development of aesthetic sensibilities.
-Encouragement of emotional and spiritual growth.

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