Personal Statement

Personal Statement

How to write a Personal Statement

Because universities have to choose from many thousands of applicants, they want those whom they think will be most successful in their courses.  They do this by reading your personal statement and reference.   Admissions tutors are looking for a person who really loves their subject - don’t forget that they have spent many years studying it.  They are going to pick someone who can show innovation, creativity, personality and willpower.  

Writing about yourself is very difficult.  In order to help you put together a personal statement that will set you apart from the other applicants, you have to think about the following questions.  Brainstorm your answers for each one.  Once you’ve done this you can start writing it up.  You might not have something to write for all of them, but don’t worry, you’ll be surprised at how many things you can say about yourself!

1.      What do want to study at university and why?
2.      Why do you want to study in the UK?
3.      What specific aspects of the course interest you?
4.      What examples of schoolwork have you completed that gave you an insight into the subject?
5.      What practical work have you enjoyed?
6.      What things have you read that are related to your chosen course?
7.      Do you have work experience or have you done voluntary work in this area of expertise?
8.      Conferences you have attended?
9.      Which personal experiences have led to the decision to pursue this subject?
10.    Where do you hope your degree with lead?
11.    What experiences show you are a reliable and responsible person?
12.    Part-time job?
13.    Business enterprise?
14.    Have you done any community or charity work?
15.    Helping out at school events/open days etc.?
16.   What national or international events have you participated in and what have you gained  from these experiences?
17.    What are your interests and skills?
18.    What do you like to do in your free time?
19.    Sport and leisure activities?
20.    Any musical abilities?
21.    Languages you speak?
22.    Prizes or awards you have won?
23.    Why you are taking a Gap Year (if you are)?
24.    What do you plan to do in your Gap Year?
25.    How will this relate to your course?

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