Staff Profile

George Phylactou

George Phylactou was born in Paralimni, Cyprus in 1982. He graduated from Paralimni Lyceum with excellence. He served the Cyprus Army in the Rangers Force as a second lieutenant for 2 years. He gained a first degree in Literature from the University of York, UK. He possesses 4 postgraduate degrees; TEFL , MA Education Management – King’s College, University of London, an MBA from the ...

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Katelitsa Zouvani-Phylactou

Having been in education for over 30 years, Katelitsa Zouvani-Phylactou is the founder of both the Xenion Institute and Xenion High School.  When the first graduates of the High School needed advice and assistance in applying for university places she saw the need for a facility that would offer these services, hence the establishment of Unistudies Services. A mother of four ...

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Barnabas Mishi

Barnabas joined the teaching staff of Xenion High School in 2006 and quickly settled into being an exceedingly popular teacher with both his colleagues and the students.  Being a natural leader, but at the same time having the ability to put people at ease, he was the ideal choice when it came to selecting a Careers Officer for the school.  When Unistudies Services opened in September ...

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Paola Kitazou

Paola Kitazou is responsible for all the main administrative duties of Unistudies.  This includes investigating study and career opportunities for all our students and those who come to us for assistance.  She is a pro at conversing with institutions, finding out entry requirements and inspiring young people with regards to the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead of them. ...

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