Employment in Cyprus

Employment in Cyprus

Up and coming employment sectors 

Cyprus has seen a rapid change in employment and workforce needs over the past 30 years.  Our economy has gone from mainly primary-sector forms of employment, such as agriculture, to services, especially those relating to tourism.  

Public sector 

Well, the old favourite in Cyprus… everyone wants to work for the government.  Places are few and there is usually stiff competition for posts, although successful applicants do reap many benefits and, of course, have job security.  

Private sector 

Opportunities in the private sector have become more available and more promising in recent years.  There is also more scope for variation than in the public sector, and this trend is likely to increase as Europe influences the Cypriot economy.  


The accession of Cyprus to the European Union in 2004 has no doubt had a knock on effect on the labour force in Cyprus.  There are also many opportunities within the EU system itself.  Places are offered to young graduates willing to spend two or three years in Brussels, Strasbourg, Frankfurt or The Hague in order to work for European institutions.  


Since the invasion of 1974, construction has boomed but this is starting to slow down. There are, however, large construction investment opportunities in this sector, mainly from foreign sources, and there will be jobs for professionals such as Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, as well as Architects, Surveyors and the like. Not so for Interior Design as, although this is a popular degree course among Cypriots, jobs are few and far between and often very low paid.  

The short and long term future of jobs in Cyprus

Up-and-coming professional sectors include industries such as Investment, Energy, Research and Geo-political bodies. Come and see us to talk about your options in these professions.  

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