- ENGLISH  Our English Department offers a range of levels and exams which focus on the key skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students as young as 7 years old can join us on our adventurous journey of English learning. Starting from our Pre-Junior classes through the use of the phonetic alphabet, songs, games and interactive activities, students are inspired into loving ...

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School Year

The academic year begins on September and finishes on 31st May.  Apart from the Christmas and Easter holidays we also observe the following holidays: 1st October, 28th October, the Archbishop’s name day (13th November), 30th January (3 Hierarchs Day), Green Monday, 25th March, 1st April,1stMay and Pentecost/Kataklysmos.

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One of the most exciting innovations in modern teaching has been the increasing use of computer technology across all areas of the curriculum. This has, in many ways, revolutionised teaching methods. Xenion Institute has embraced new technology because we know that if we seek to create 21st century citizens, we must have a 21st century school. Every classroom at Xenion Institute has ...

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