About us

About us

The first years of running the institute were admittedly very difficult. The lack of appropriate teaching material was, among other things, the biggest issue. My personal thirst for changes and innovations as well as my teaching concerns, led me to attend a number of seminars in the United Kingdom in 1984, which gave me the opportunity to find new, innovative ways to improve the educational process.

These changes concerned teaching staff, teaching manuals and teaching tools which I would be using in the near future. Thus, we proceeded with the replacement of the traditional chalk boards with whiteboards and markers, which was thought to be a pioneering move back then. We applied new technologies to the educational process through the use of video and audio cassettes. Computers were also put to use in 1990. Lastly, I believed it to be of utmost importance to include native English speakers from the United Kingdom among the institute´s staff. I worked very hard with conscientiousness, consistency, unconditional love and sincere interest for each student.

The area´s residents showed their support and trust in our work, as they believed that our institute provided methodical knowledge in the right way.  Our goal was for every one of our students to obtain an internationally recognised certificate of the English language – a goal which still remains our priority today. By committing to our work, we have achieved extraordinary results in the external examinations of IGCSE, IELTS and TOEFL, which are invaluable achievements to each of our students’ paths.

Over the years, the number of students increased and the institute´s reputation extended to the whole of the Famagusta district. As a result, in 1991, my whole house was transformed into an institute with eight classrooms and an office. Due to this, our family home was moved to the new floor that was built above the institute. Today we have created a network of institutes under the name of Xenion Institute, which extends across the Famagusta as well as part of the Larnaca district. Apart from our institute in Paralimni, there are a further eight located in Sotera, Frenaros, Liopetri, Avgorou, Xylophagou, Vryssoules, Ormedia and Ayia Napa. We are confident that our institute is one of the largest and one of the best in Cyprus. 


- Katelitsa Zouvani-Phylactou (Founder Of Xenion Education)