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1. Do you offer any breakfast at Xenion Fun Club?

Xenion Summer Fun Club offers breakfast at 09.15 am every day. Children are offered a choice of ham, halloumi, or cheese sandwiches in sliced or traditional village break, jam or honey sandwiches or rice pudding or cake or boiled eggs or omelette.

2. What do we need to bring on a daily basis ?

Every day children should have with them their Summer Fun Club bag and two or three small bottles of cold water or a flask of water. Also, it is recommended that the children wear hats and sunscreen for their own protection from the sun and the heat. We would advise all parents to mark their child's personal possessions with their name. Children could also have a carton of chocolate/strawberry flavoured milk or juice to have with their breakfast.

For the benefit of the children, the canteen is open daily during the breaks and water, juices, flavoured milk etc are available for the children to purchase.

Please note that we request that children do not bring with them any kind of electronic games such as PSP or tablets. Their use prevents them from participating fully in the activities programme and we want the children at Xenion Summer Fun Club to socialise and engage in fun, learning activities.

3. Are there any activities out of the premises of the Summer Fun Club?

Children are divided into groups according to age and each group goes to the swimming pool in our Boarding House once a week, as shown in the programme they be given. They set off at 09.30 am and return at 12.30p.m

When children go to the beach they need to come to school with their swimsuit/swimming trucks on, their hat, sun protection cream and their towel. If needed or desired they could bring their armbands/life jackets or a small floatation device with them. Teachers will have umbrellas, balls, and toys with them.

If you children have any allergies, take any medicines, or have a medical condition that we should know about, please let us know.

4. What are the fees for the Xenion Summer Fun Club?

Fees are 70 Euro per week, and this includes all lessons, educational activities, excursions, breakfast and taxes. There is also an option of 230 Euro per week with 1 hour of English lesson daily. Fees are paid weekly every Friday for the next week and the programmes runs on a weekly basis. When registering, children will be given a free carry bag.

Parents can collect their children from the school between 13.30 and 14.00.



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