5 minutes with Avraam Pittakis

5 minutes with Avraam Pittakis

  1. Tell us a few words about your daily routine at work.


Working for the family company naturally implies that you would have a vast number of responsibilities. Therefore, my daily routine includes a variety of different tasks, that happen at different parts of the day.

My days always starts early when I arrive at the factory around 7:15 am. The first part of the day is strictly focused on fulfilling all our customers orders from the previous day. That translates to everyone on the team assisting in having the orders processed and loaded onto our trucks, as well as the truck routes being mapped out to ensure maximum efficiency. After the trucks are en route, I then move on to my next task.

At this point I walk around the factory inspecting all the departments and discussing any potential issues they may have.

Once that is finished, that’s when I start my own tasks for the day. That’s when I have the time to go through all my paperwork, emails, and have meetings.

Towards the end of my daily routine, I take another walk around the factory, making sure that everything and everyone is on task and has appropriately planned for the next day.


  1. How did you decide you wanted to do Business Development?


My current position came as a natural evolution of my hobbies and the needs of the family company. From a very young age, I was extremely interested in technology, and I was always fascinated by the day to day running of the company. This led to my decision to pursue a degree in Business Administration and a Concentration in Data Analytics.

This allowed me to merge my two biggest interests – technology and the family business. Since I grew up being around the factory, returning back after my university studies was the natural choice.


  1. How easy was it to find a job after you graduated from university?


Since I chose to work for the family business, it is expected that getting the job was easy, however, that came with its own hurdles since I was required to develop my own management style.


  1. How has the current situation with Covid-19 epidemic affected your work?


Covid-19 has probably been the most significant pandemic that we’ve seen in our lifetime. In our times, with globalization, it seems that it hasn’t left anything untouched. For now the current construction market in Cyprus seems to still be stable, however, there could be a slowdown coming in the next 6 – 12 months.

Regarding our working environment, Covid-19 has changed a lot of procedures and has required us to re-think protection measures to ensure the health and safety of both our clients and our employees. Unfortunately, these measures also have small delays in the customer service departments, but luckily the measures are taken positively by our clients.


  1. What changes were made to your safety protocols at work because of Covid-19?


As with any other industry, we had to make changes in our day to day operations to accommodate the new rules and regulations. Following the guidelines of the ministry of health, we imposed limits as to how many people could be in each space, grouped lunch breaks - which allowed only 2-3 employees taking a break at the same time and increased the supplies of gloves, masks and antiseptic solutions. Our employees also got informed about all the new guidelines and had all the necessary gear when visiting clients and construction sites.

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