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Here is an overview of our activities since October 2019.


1st General Assembly: 05/10/2019

During our 1st Official General Assembly, we presented the objectives of Xenion Alumni Association, elected the 1st Xenion Alumni Board and set ambitious goals for the future! The General Assembly takes place every two years and all Xenion graduates can attend. Elections for the new Board will be held every two years during the General Assembly.

The Goals set during the General Assembly were the following:

  • Career events
    Xenion Graduates are invited to Xenion annual Careers Event to speak to students and share their knowledge and experience. Xenion Alumni will organise other special events with Xenion Graduates as key speakers. That way, graduates will be able to help younger students and promote and create awareness of their profession or any other subject is important to them.
  • Internship schemes
    Xenion Graduates who own a business and are part of Xenion Alumni Business Register can take part in our internship scheme to recruit Xenion students for the summer months. By doing so, Xenion Graduates will be able to help the students to find out if their profession is suitable for them and to create awareness for their own work.
  • Advertising campaigns
    Through our Facebook page and through our Online testimonials campaign, we can promote and advertise our business and our work as professionals in our field.
  • Mentoring programme
    Xenion Graduates who are studying abroad or are already working can mentor a current student or more at Xenion to advise them and help them on their options regarding subjects, courses and universities. Knowing by first-hand how student life in a foreign country is, is something really important, we all are aware of!


1st Regular Board Meeting: 09/11/2019

Our Board met for the first time to discuss the goals set during the 1st General Assembly and ways to implement them. Regular Board Meetings take place once every 2 months. Special meetings take place whenever needed. The Board discussed the duties of each Board member and agreed on rules and regulations of the Association.

The Board also discussed the creation of a business register, where all Xenion Graduates’ businesses and workplaces will be published on our section on Xenion website. This way, we can advertise and promote our business or work among Xenion Graduates and thus network and help each other. Business owners can offer discounts and special offers to other Xenion Graduates!

The Board also discussed the idea of automatic registration of every year’s graduates in the Association. Xenion’s Year 7s will have the chance to register to Xenion Alumni upon graduation and thus get informed by first-hand about all the opportunities that open up for them as members of our Association!


Xenion Alumni Christmas Cocktail Party: 20/12/2019

Our Christmas Party took place on 20/12/2019 at Malthouse Pub in Protaras and Xenion graduates and staff attended. There was an entrance fee, which included unlimited drinks and food, live music and participation in the raffle to win 2 free air tickets for July 2020 for the Greek Islands with Top Kinisis charter flights, Bed & Breakfast accommodation for 2 persons for 1 night during April in Golden Coast Beach Hotel in Protaras and 3 free sessions at X Body Paralimni. The winners were Dora Anastasiou, Nicholas Shiaxiate and Magdalini Koskoshi. We would like to thank our sponsors and Xenion Graduation Antonis Papantoniou and Skevi Flourentzou for their offers. The party was a great success and we can’t wait for the next one next year!

Here you can find photos from our Party: Christmas Cocktail Party


2nd Regular Board Meeting: 12/02/2020

Our Board met to discuss about the upcoming plans. The main emphasis was the new method of automatic registration to the Association upon graduation as well as awards, which will be given by our Association to students during Graduation 2020.



3rd Xenion Alumni Board Meeting: 11/03/2020

Our Board discussed about the upcoming graduation of this year’s graduates and the gifts, which will be offered upon registration.

We also discussed the idea of a slogan competition, in which the whole school will take part in order to find the best quote, which will appear on gifts and souvenirs of Xenion Alumni.

Moreover, the Board discussed about the Award, which will be given to a student at the Graduation by our Association.

Other points of discussion were:

  • Blood donation event
  • Summer Internship Schemes for Xenion Students
  • Summer Cocktail Party 2020


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