1. Limited number of students per class / per group

At Xenion Education we ensure that limited number of students join the Summer Fun Club groups or any lessons throughout the summer.


  1. English Lessons

Students will have a desk to themselves and will be seated one metre apart from their peers.


  1. Break Times

Students will be asked to leave their classrooms one by one, and then will be separated into various different areas around the school premises. They will be constantly supervised by members of staff who will control and maintain social distancing between students at all times as much as possible. Before and after each break students will be asked to apply hand sanitiser, which they can find outside their classroom, in the entrance of all buildings, in the entrance and exit of Xenion Cafeteria.


  1. Meals, snacks and use of School Cafeteria

Summer Camp Students can buy snacks from the School Cafeteria. Only individually wrapped items will be available for purchase. The cafeteria will operate with strict hygiene protocols, to ensure the safety of our students. During lunch and dinner time, all Summer Camp students will receive a separate meal. For Xenion Summer Fun Club students, breakfast and fruit snack are included in the fee.


  1. School hygiene, cleaning and airing

The entire school site has been deep cleaned, disinfected and sterilised. Regular cleaning will continue, and all students’ desks will be disinfected at intervals throughout the day. All windows will remain open all day. Most activities will take place in outdoor shaded areas, using the premises of Xenion Junior School and  Xenion High School. All students will be constantly reminded to wash their hands and use hand sanitiser throughout the day. Hand sanitisers will be available throughout the school as well as at the entrances of the school and the entrances to each class. Masks and gloves are not compulsory for students or teachers according to the Ministry regulations. However, parents can provide these items for their children as they wish.


  1. Health issues and Covid-19 Symptoms

If students appear unwell or have raised temperature, they will need to be taken home. If students become unwell during the day, they will be isolated in our “Nurse Room” with supervision. Summer camp students will be examined by the school’s first aider.


  1. Psychological Support for students

Teachers and the School Management will be available to reassure students who are worried about any aspect upon Covid-19 and inform them about the school rules. If there have been any serious issues in the family, please inform us prior to the students’ arrival. We would like to emphasise that at Xenion Education, personal communication with our students is part of our day-to-day work.


  1. Staff Training

All members of staff have been involved in specific training regarding the Covid-19 hygiene and protection rules.


  1. Excursions

All excursions, activities and games will be held in accordance with all the official hygiene and protection measures to ensure the safety of all participants and staff. We will provide hand sanitiser, but students should be equipped with portable hand sanitisers for the duration of any excursion.


  1. Accommodation for Summer Camp students

All Summer Camp students will be accommodated in 2-bedroom apartments in our Boarding House. Each student will have his/her own bedroom and own bathroom and toilet.


  1. Transfers

Following a decision by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, buses will carry passengers up to 100% of their capacity. The use of a face mask is compulsory for all passengers. Passengers that do not wear a face mask will not be allowed to enter the bus. Passengers must always use the hand sanitiser, to clean their hands when they enter the bus. Passengers are advised, to continue maintaining the proposed safety distance with other passengers, the bus driver, at bus stops, when entering the bus, during their journey and when they exit the bus. Buses will be frequently ventilated and disinfected by the bus company.


COVID-19 Destination protocol – Cyprus:


Official announcements, decrees and information guidelines by the Cyprus government:


Update on Covid-19 in Cyprus (infographic):


Online portal to receive authorisation to fly (compulsory for all passengers!):

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