The activities that we offer children are:

Theatre is beneficial to children because it provides them with an opportunity to be physically and mentally active during the lesson. It is an excellent means to explore feelings and ideas in a holistic manner. 

Dance aids the development of kinaesthetic intelligence. It creates opportunities for self-expression and communication. Dance also teaches the values and skills of creativity.

Art generates a love of learning and an openness to new ideas. It helps to develop the imagination while allowing freedom of expression. Children whose creativity is nurtured are curious and inspired to learn more.

Games / Sports activities 
Daily Physical Education is essential for children. Exercise can improve physical fitness, mental health and sense of wellbeing. At Xenion Summer Club it is also part of the fun! On our premises there's a futsal pitch and also volleyball and basketball courts. Children are involved in team games and learn how to work as part of a team.

Every Wednesday we have a special event, for example excursions to different cultural destinations. Children have the chance to explore different aspects of our society and learn about Cypriot traditions and customs.

Special events 
Special events that will be held at the school are Pony Riding; Olympic Games Day; Cinema Day; Crazy Traditional Games Day; Talent Show 2015 and Animal Day, when children will have the opportunity to see various animals and learn about them from an animal expert. We will also have a Karate Day, during which a martial arts instructor will be here to teach children a few things and explain to them what karate is really about. 

Board games and storytelling are also an important part of our weekly programme, as they reinforce children’s thinking skills and imagination. 

Trips to the Beach 
June, July and August are the time to play, swim and laugh at the beach all day!!! The highlight of Xenion Summer Fun Club is definitely our trips to the beach. Children are divided into groups according to age and each group goes to the beach once a week, as shown on the programme they will be given. They set off at 9:30 and return at 12:30.There are life guards at the beach but there are also two to three instructors who supervise the children while in the water and on the beach.

Self-defense, discipline and skills are only a few qualities we would like our summer fun club children to develop. 
Karate is fun but, most importantly, it provides a method of testing your abilities in a controlled environment. Through Karate training people learn their limitations, as Karate teaches you how to handle pressure by applying a little bit at a time. Like any teacher, Karate instructors have a responsibility towards their students to instill positive values. Children benefit from the mental stimulation of learning the choreographed moves of the Kata and the discipline of conforming to the rules of the club. Learning these values at an early age will benefit a person for the rest of their life.

English is learned in an exciting environment, as students use interactive methods of learning. Interactive stories and exercises, where students use material from real life situations, make sure that students are actively involved in the lesson. Learning is enhanced through play and songs.

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