Some of the activities that we offer children are:

Dance aids the development of kinaesthetic intelligence. It creates opportunities for self-expression and communication. Dance also teaches the values and skills of creativity.

Art generates a love of learning and an openness to new ideas. It helps to develop the imagination while allowing freedom of expression. Children whose creativity is nurtured are curious and inspired to learn more.

Games / Sports activities  
Daily Physical Education is essential for children. Exercise can improve physical fitness, mental health and sense of wellbeing. At Xenion Summer Club it is also part of the fun! On our premises there's a futsal pitch and also volleyball and basketball courts. Children are involved in team games and learn how to work as part of a team.

Board games and storytelling are also an important part of our weekly programme, as they reinforce children’s thinking skills and imagination. 

Trips to Xenion Boarding House Swimming Pool 
Our students also take part in swimming sessions per group with a teacher and a lifeguard, at Xenion Boarding House swimming pool, which gives children the opportunity to enjoy swimming and have fun in the pool! More about our Boarding House facilities here:

English is learned in an exciting environment, as students use interactive methods of learning. Interactive stories and exercises, where students use material from real life situations, make sure that students are actively involved in the lesson. Learning is enhanced through play and songs.


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