Is Xenion Junior School a ‘proper’ school?

Absolutely. Xenion Junior is fully licensed and recognised by the Ministry of Education and the opening ceremony was conducted by the Minister of Education in 2014. Highly qualified, experienced teachers are employed, many of whom have remained at the school since its opening. The school has rigorous safeguarding procedures in place.

How do I enroll my child?

We currently have a limit of 22 children per class so it is important to contact the school with your child’s details to ensure that they are placed in the correct year group and that there is a place available.

Please contact the school at 23811080 for an application pack 

What are the entry requirements?

A basic level of English is desirable.

Is there an entrance examination for Xenion Junior School?

We request that children being placed into Years 3-6 take entrance examinations in Mathematics, English (and Greek) if this is their native language. An informal discussion forms the entry assessment for younger children who will be entering into Pre- school 1 and 2 and years 1 and 2 to find out their interests and to gauge their level of understanding.

Can I enroll my child in a year group other than Pre-school or Year 1?

Yes of course! Children are placed in year groups according to their age, with Pre-school 1 beginning at 3 years and 8 months from September 1st. Please contact the school to confirm age requirements for other year groups. We also accept children throughout the year.

Do you have a Pre-school?

We have two Pre-school classes. Pre-school One caters for children aged 3 years and 8 months and Pre- school Two is for children aged 4 years and 8 months.

How long is the school day?

The school playground is fully supervised from 7.15am. Lessons start at 7.30 am and end at 13.45 pm. There are also after school clubs provided every day for years 1-6 which begin at 14.00 and finish at 14.45 pm.

What about children with special needs?

Although we do not have the facilities to cater for children with severe disabilities, we will consider cases on an individual basis and will look at reports from other agencies as well as previous schools, prior to decisions being made.

What if my child does not speak any Greek?

We are a bi-lingual school where lessons are taught in both Greek and English. English and Greek lessons are also taught separately to help support the student’s linguistic development.

What is included in the curriculum?

We have a wide variety of subjects taught within our curriculum with a focus placed on English, Mathematics, Greek, Science, Geography , History, Physical Education, Information Communication Technology, Drama, Art, Music, HPSE and Design and Technology are all taught on a weekly basis.

Are you associated with any other schools?

Xenion Junior School is part of Xenion Education (The Xenion Family) and therefore children have a natural progression from the Junior School to the High school. Additional support lessons may also be provided  through Xenion Institute.

Will my child have to sit National Tests?


What is the maximum class size at Xenion Junior?

We currently have a limit of 22 students per class.

What happens if my child is sick or injured?

We have several members of staff trained in Pediatric first aid. Mrs Danielle Sleeman is our Senior First Aider who assesses every injury.  If a child requires specialist treatment, parents will be contacted and the child will be taken to the family’s doctor or to a nearby hospital facility.

Where is the Xenion Junior School uniform sold?

The uniform is available to buy on the school site in our Uniform Shop.

Will my child be ready to go straight into any secondary school after finishing at Xenion Junior?

At Xenion Junior we ensure that children leave our school as independent learners with a positive work ethic. Children develop life skills which will allow them to progress into secondary education with confidence.

How do you manage the transition from Junior School to secondary school?

Children spend an orientation day at Xenion High School. During this time they become familiar with the site, teachers, lessons and structure of the day. In addition, High School facilities are regularly used by Junior School children for Clubs, Sports Days and other events.


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