Meet our Staff

The Executive Director of Xenion Junior School is Mrs Katelitsa Zouvani-Phylactou, Head Teacher of Xenion High School, founder of Xenion Education and well-known educator. The day-to-day management of the school is in the hands of Mrs. Xenia Phylactou-Monoyiou, an experienced and skilled teacher who studied in the UK. We are also fortunate to have, as an Academic Consultant, Mrs. Maureen Chapman, an experienced teacher who is also British-trained in Primary Education and has many years of experience as a primary teacher in the UK and in the UAE. 

This combination of experience and knowledge of both UK and Cypriot curricula has enabled us to create a balanced teaching programme which draws upon the best of both.

Teaching staff are recruited from Cyprus and the UK, hold either PGCE, BEd or degrees with QTS qualifications and are mostly bilingual. Experience of teaching young children is, obviously, a must but we also select on the basis of personality and look for individuals who are dedicated to their profession and bring both creativity and passion to its practice.