The main curriculum of Xenion Junior School is a modified one which includes the best of both the Cypriot National Curriculum and British Key Stages 1 and 2. A sensible balance of the two ensures that our Cypriot students cover the National curriculum every bit as fully as their peers in state schools. In addition, Xenion Junior School offers a broader education, including fluency in English and other languages, with a wider, more European character that meets the needs of our international students. A Preparation Course is offered to international students who speak neither Greek nor English, in order to prepare them for their studies.

Children at Xenion Junior School follow a continuous programme in the following subjects:

Mathematics (Including Daily Mental Mathematics)

English Language (Reading/Writing/Speaking/Listening/Handwriting/Literature)

Greek Language and Culture

Foreign Languages (German) - in Year 6 

Environmental Studies (History/Geography/Science/Social Studies)

Physical Education (Dance/Fitness/Games/Gymnastics)

Expressive Arts (Art/Music/Drama)

Design and Technology

Religious Education

Computing and Robotics

Hygiene, Personal and Social Education (H.P.S.E.)

Brain Gym (Problem Solving/Thinking Skills)

Homework and Independent Study Programme


Students at Xenion Preschool follow a themed-based programme for every month of the school year, which promotes and develops the Seven Categories of Early Years Foundation Stage:

1 / Personal, Social & Emotional Development

2 / Communication & Language

3 / Physical Development

4 / Literacy

5 / Mathematics

6 / Understanding the World

7 / Expressive Arts & Design

Sample of themes:

Me, Myself and I

The Farm

Up in Space

All about Christmas

Physical Education (Dance/Fitness/Games/Gymnastics)

Transport/Literature Month

First Discoveries

Healthy Living

Computing and Robotics

Mythical Creatures

Creepy Crawlies

Shells and Boats

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