The Junior School is accommodated within its own wing of the Xenion High School building. It has its own access and space for parents to drop children off at school and pick them up in the afternoon.The Junior school has its own playground area for break-times and children are supervised on their way to and from the Xenion Cafeteria.

All classes are equipped with air-conditioning, Interactive White Boards and Internet access and look directly onto the yard, which is closed off from the nearby road by a gate which is locked during school hours.

The school has a full-size indoor theatre and concert space; an extensive library; courts for Volleyball, Basketball and Tennis; an all-weather, five-a-side pitch and a rehearsal/dance space above the Amphitheatre. We also have several fully-equipped Science Laboratories, Music and Art rooms and two Computer Suites.

The Junior School has access to all facilities and children at the Junior school will become familiar with their wider surroundings, enabling those who wish to continue their education with us to make a smooth transition to the High School once they have completed Year 6. Xenion Junior offers safe, secure surroundings to all its pupils. There is also a comfortable Reception area where parents can meet with teachers to discuss their child’s progress.

The safety of our children is paramount. To this end, there are set times and places for parents picking up or dropping off children. If a parent is going to be late or early for any reason they should contact the school so that we can make appropriate arrangements. Under normal circumstances, no-one is allowed to enter the school without an appointment and all visitors must report to the school receptionist.


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