Aims and Goals

Aims and Goals

Educational aims 
-The provision of a broad-based primary education which will prepare young children for their  future studies at any school of their choice, eliminating the need for extra lessons. 
-Creation of fluency in English, as well as Greek and another language. 
-Development of the ability to take full advantage of new technology and the Internet. 

Development of twenty-first century citizens 
-Creating knowledge of and respect for the people and cultures of Europe and the wider world. 
-Fostering understanding of similarities and acceptance of differences among peoples of all nations. 
-Creation of awareness of the cultural ties and values that unite Europe. 
-Development of awareness of the environment and the need for its conservation. 
-Involvement in national and international educational projects and research.

Development of ethics and traditional values 
-Observance of all main Christian festivals. 
-Emphasis on virtues of honesty, responsibility and co-operation. 
-Fostering a sense of the value of family, nation and international community. 

Development of personality
-Emphasis on the need for co-operation and teamwork. 
-Encouragement of creative and original thinking. 
-Building of confidence and self-esteem. 
-Creation of a sense of belonging and worth. 
-Creation of a love for learning. 
-Development of aesthetic sensibilities. 
-Encouragement of emotional and spiritual growth. 


Xenion Junior School aims to help our children to become young people who:

Think rationally and do not take things for granted

Can take their place in any school or wider community

Behave in a responsible and caring manner

Are aware of justice and fairness

Are tolerant and broad-minded

Understand and appreciate the beauty and complexity of our world

Are curious and motivated to learn


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