20 Years of Xenion High School

20 Years of Xenion High School

Interview of Deputy Head George Phylactou


Ελληνικά: 20 χρόνια Xenion High School

Xenion High School is recognised as one of the top educational institutions in Cyprus with a 100% success rate in graduate admissions to universities world-wide.

One of the best educational institutions in Cyprus, Xenion High School, completes two decades in education this year. Xenion’s success story is proven by the excellent results of its graduates, who have achieved 100% success in their admission to Higher Educational Institutions in Cyprus and abroad. This was stated in an interview in “Simerini” Newspaper by George Phylactou, Assistant Director of Xenion Education, Vice President of the Cyprus Private Schools Association and Vice President of the American University of Cyprus. Among other things, Mr. Phylactou talks about the history of Xenion Education, while at the same time announcing that as of next September the newly-established American University of Cyprus will be ready to welcome its first students.


Mr. Phylactou, as Assistant Director of Xenion Education, can you tell us about the Organisation?

Xenion Education has been active in the field of education for 40 years. We started in 1980 with the establishment of the Xenion Institute, which expanded throughout the district of Famagusta, offering options from a wide range of courses. In 2001 we founded Xenion High School - a bilingual seven-grade Secondary School. Then Xenion Junior School and Xenion Pre-school were established. At the same time, we operate Xenion Unistudies Services, which offers career guidance services, and the Xenion Summer Fun Club. We also operate the Cyprus School of English, an innovative Educational Tourism programme for students aged 5-18 from various countries, who come to Cyprus for educational programmes.


How would you describe the 20-year education path of Xenion High School so far?

Xenion High School has excellent results, continuous success and graduates who stand out due to the quality of their character and their educational background. Xenion High School has been recognised and established among the best educational institutions in Cyprus. Our graduates have achieved 100% success in their admission to Higher Educational Institutions, either through the International A level Examinations or through the Pancyprian Examinations. They have all secured a place in the field of study of their choice at Universities of Cyprus, Greece, the European Union, Great Britain and America.


Admittedly, Xenion Education has come a long way in education in the Famagusta District and Cyprus. How do you feel about that?

The response we have is outstanding. Our students come from all around the districts of Famagusta and Larnaca. I take this opportunity to thank the people of our area for the trust and recognition they show in Xenion High School, Xenion Junior School and Xenion Institute. Parents place a lot of trust and confidence in us. We feel great satisfaction, because our goals are fully realised with the systematic work performed by our excellent teaching staff and our vision is completed in all areas: knowledge, European philosophy, the cultivation of timeless and universal values and the development of personality.


Recently, the founding of the American University of Cyprus has been announced, of which you are the Vice President and one of the founders. What is the goal of the University, what programmes will it offer and when will it operate?

This is a vision that is being realised and is now in its final phase. The American University of Cyprus is an innovative and pioneering university for the Higher Education of Cyprus so far. The aim of AUCY is to establish itself as an institution of international prestige, which promotes the exchange and enhancement of knowledge, with an outstanding contribution to society. AUCY will welcome its first students, from Cyprus and abroad, in September 2021, at the premises of the 1st Campus of the University, in Larnaca. Initially, there will be 3 departments: the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, the Faculty of Fine Arts & Humanities and the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, which will offer 11 undergraduate programmes, as well as postgraduate programmes. We hope that the 2nd Campus in Ayia Napa will operate soon, where the following departments will operate: a Faculty of Law, a Faculty of Engineering, a Faculty of Hospitality Management and a Faculty of Health Sciences.

It is important to mention that AUCY will collaborate, through formal agreements, with two excellent and renowned Universities abroad, the University of Massachusetts - UMASS in the USA and the CASS Europe Business School of Paris.