1st year at Xenion High School - Alena Muratova


  1. How do you feel after one year at Xenion High School?


I remember I wanted to come here for several years. I was going around the school, when I was on holidays here, looking at it and always wanted to be one of the students. Now, I am very proud I am here. I feel very comfortable here.


  1. How easy was it for you to adapt to the school environment here at Xenion High School and how different is it compared to your previous school?


It was very easy to adopt here, very easy to start studying and understand everything during the lessons. I think I did fine this year. There is a big difference compared to my previous school. Here I like the lessons and the teachers, and it generally feels very comfortable to be here. In my previous school I was always stressed, always anxious about something.


  1. How different did you find Cyprus and its people compared to your country?


It’s very different. It’s like a different world. The thing I miss most about Russia is the big city with big buildings and metro etc. I can’t say what is different, because everything is different. Here I feel like I can relax and do everything I like, and I feel myself here. In Moscow I always had to run and do something.


  1. What do you like the most here at the school?


What surprised me here most in the school is that no one is openly homophobic or sexist or xenophobic. In my previous school in Moscow, many people were homophobic. People here accept each other more and there are a lot of organisations and clubs here that try to make the world better.


  1. Would you recommend Xenion High School to your friends in your country and why?


I would recommend the school to everyone I know. I think they would like the school very much! Here you can learn, and practice English very well compared to Moscow. I made a lot of progress, here everyone talks in English and it was very easy for me to improve.



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