Behaviour & Supervision

The Boarding House is under the supervision of experienced House Parents who are also responsible for the welfare, safety and happiness of their charges. House parents are also responsible for making sure that students abide by the rules of the school; rules which are simple but designed to ensure that every student enjoys their time at Xenion Boarding School and benefits as much as possible from the experience.

The rules are based on the principles of civilised behaviour and respect for other people and their opinions, rights and possessions. In other words, our House Parents are not just there to ensure that students work as they should, but also to help them to grow as decent, mature individuals of whom their families can be proud. Students are expected to cooperate as members of the school community and to behave in an honest, responsible and considerate way at all times. There is a dress code and issues such as attendance at meals and leaving school or residence grounds are strictly controlled, as is the possession of harmful items or substances.

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